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Agricultural Steel Buildings

Agricultural buildings are far more complex than they may seem at first:

1. Warehouses for farm equipment are slightly heated while sweat needs to be kept under control. Additionally, the interior area and the distances between the pillars must be thoroughly thought over due to large equipment possibly being of large size (harvesters, tractors, etc.)

2. Farms vary according to the animals to be raised. If birds are kept inside the warehouse, the temperature and humidity need to be under control, the interior must be washed clean, the surfaces need to be as plane as possible for dirt not to set down and the metal needs to be protected against excrement. In the case of pigs, the requests are less demanding. However, well insulated warehouses with plenty of light are needed. If cattle or sheep are raised, as in the other cases, the metal must be protected and natural light is needed.

3. Grain storehouses need to be tall buildings with permanent natural ventilation. They are not insulated but, at the same time, sweat must not be present. For this, special panels are used. These panels are equipped with a membrane on the inside to absorb sweat, the roof top is ventilated while wall slits ensure air flow. The grains are deposited in a concrete tray and the metal structure serves as an exterior.

4. Vegetable and fruit storehouses need to be well insulated, the air flow should not meet too many obstacles (the air is cooled down and introduced into the building with a lot of force so as to reach all area evenly)

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