How to choose the location for a future industrial warehouse ?

This topic came to my mind a few days ago during my discussion with a potential beneficiary; he wanted to know how much the turnkey warehouse would cost him if he didn’t choose a location. Not knowing how the building plot looks like, it is difficult to come up with a realistic price. One can approximate the superstructure price (it can be modified after the architectural project), but the infrastructure cost cannot be evaluated unless one is given clear details about the type of the building plot. 

A few years ago I had a client who was a very good negotiator. Unfortunately he chose to lowest price, which cause us to lose a thousand Euro project – and we are talking here about a project worth over 500 000 Euro. He chose the cheapest solution, but only when he received the approval and construction permit, did he realize that over the land there was this main road from the respective industrial park. Furthermore he had to build a support, which cost him over 90 000 Euro. I am convinced that he realized he didn’t make the right decision and that perhaps consulting with someone would have been cheaper after all. Thus we have to pay attention when choosing the location for our future industrial warehouse. 

Several things to keep in mind before acquiring a land which seems like a great deal:

1. How far are the utilities (water, gas, power, sewerage) and how can they cover one’s requirements?

2. How can one connect to the national, county and European roads, if necessary?

3. Are there any archeological sites?

4. What are the urban planning requirements?

5. Are there any thoroughfares for water, gas, sewage or high-voltage transmission lines? 

6. Are there any restrictions concerning the environment?

7. Height, withdrawal and construction system around airport and military bases.

8. Always ask for a GEOTECHNICAL INVESTIGATION and a TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY before buying the land! If the land seems like a great deal, then it is worth investing in this type of investigations – plus it doesn’t cost more than 2000 RON overall. Afterwards you should show the documents to a consultant or designer because they will know how to interpret them well. 

The order is purely random but one should have an answer to each point before spending thousand or hundred thousand Euro on a land. 

I hope you will make an easy investment! 

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