How can one reduce the construction price for an industrial building?

I've recently noticed that most beneficiaries pay greater attention to their investment cost. Unfortunately a great deal of them are only interested in the cost, and not in the technical content of their offer.

Let's see now how we can invest money and not spend them.

First of all, in order to reduce the cost, you have to know the price. You cannot negotiate the price of a product, unless you know the quantities and the real costs!
Many constructors can guarantee you that everything " is included" in the price, without actually defining the concept of "everything". Thus I advise you to correctly define the project area. Together with your consultant, you should set from the beginning the construction steps and the architectural project and launch the request for offer on the market. Every constructor has to come up with his own idea of structural system design – according to the architecture – and give details regarding the technical content. Therefore one will be able to compare the offers and analyze every aspect.

The majority of bidders will keep you away from many details such as: the width of the tin sheet panels, the density of the polyurethane foam, the usage of additional elements for the airtightness of the roof and the tinware, how they solve the destruction of thermal bridges, whether the structure is sandblasted and painted, whether they offer warranty for the building (turn key) and I could go on forever because none of these are mentioned in the offer and usually not even when one is signing the contract.
Many would wonder why the destruction of thermal bridges is such a big deal but let's make a quick estimate: if there is a temperature of 20°C in the warehouse and a relatively 65% humidity, at a temperature difference of 7°C, condensation will be formed (approximately 5ml/m³). If you have a warehouse with the following dimensions w=15m, l=30m and h=3,5m, then you will get 1.575m³ x 5ml/m³ = 7.875 ml, which means that 7.8 l of water will be found in the thermal bridge zones. These are ballpark estimates, however one shouldn't ignore this aspect.

The consultant's job is to make sure that the project has reached that stage in which one can compare two similar offers. Also he/she should present you the reports regarding the energy efficiency of the building.

If you are familiar with all technical details, you will be able the compare prices, knowingly make a decision, choose the lowest price and focus more on your money.

I've seen warehouses which after less than five years had their roof destroyed, and the repair costs were huge.

I hope you will make an easy investment!

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