How much is a square metre of a steel building?

We discuss with a considerable number of potential beneficiaries daily and the most frequent question is: " How much is a square metre of a hall? "

Our advice would be to never buy from a company which tells you the price. They do not know anything about building a hall or building in general.

The price of a hall and of a squre metre of a hall implicitly depends on:

-The area where the hall is to be built and which gives the possible charges determined by snowfall quantity, wind power or seismic activity.

-The width of the hall

-The number of intermediary columns

-The height of the hall

-The existence or absence of bridge cranes

-The existence or absence of intermediary floors

-The thickness of the insulation

-The colour of the panels

-The area in which the hall will be delivered

- Possible gates, windows, wicket doors, curtain walls, etc.

-Fire protection possibly needed

-The building type

-Possible clerestory

-Possible smoke hatches

-Additional charges for firefighting installations, cables, suspended ceilings, photovoltaic panels, etc.

-The season when the building is built (summer or winter)
-When you want your construction finished

-The way you want to pay

-A combination of all of the above.

Industrial halls are mostly complex buildings. This is a reason for you to provide as many details as possible in order to get a realistic price. Do not be limited to asking a price per square metre. Have a closer look at what the price per square metre would include when the building is finished.
Be cautious. When you ask a professional about the price per square metre, you might not be taken seriously.

May you make A SAFE INVESTMENT!!!

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