We aim to be prompt. Therefore, we have thought it would be very useful to answer some of your questions. Here are some of the most frequent ones:

Do you offer warranty for the metal hall?
Yes, we do. Any Itka Buildings work comes with warranty. For the metal hall built within the Best Building Solutions pack we offer a 5-year warranty. It is part of the contract. Our Itka Buildings consultants will give you all the information you need.

Do you also design the hall?

Yes, we do. The design of the foundation and of the superstructure is included in the Best Building Solutions pack. For the best results as well as for avoiding investment risks we only contract design-build packs. To find out more about the benefits of the design-build pack click here or contact one of our Itka Buildings consultants.

How long does the construction of an Itks Buildings metal hall last?
The construction time varies depending on the complexity of the project. What is important is that, before signing the contract, you will be provided with a building graphic design. Therefore, you will know the exact building duration before contracting. The building graphic is included in the contract.
All Itka Buildings halls are generally designed and ready to be delivered within 6-8 weeks from the date the contract is signed and the technical and financial aspects are clarified.
The duration of the metal hall building varies according to the dimensions of the construction.
These terms are negotiable. We do our best to respond to all special requests.

How do I pay?
Payment is by installments, depending on the construction stages. This is to be settled upon common agreement with the beneficiary when the contract is signed.

How long is an Itka Buildings hall built to last?
The structure of the hall is built to last over the entire life of the building.

Are you able to build a metal hall anywhere in the country?
Yes, we can build it anywhere in the country.

Can Itka Buildings metal hall also be built in a different country?
Yes, this is possible. We can design halls in other European Union countries as well. The design is made in accordance with the Eurocode and the national rules and regulations in force. All Itka Buildings metal hall components are CE labelled. We can assemble a hall anywhere in Europe. For more information on building outside Romania, please contact one of our consultants.

How much is a square meter of an Itka Buildings hall?
The answer in more complex. Buildings are rarely identical. If the structure is the same but the construction is in a different area of the country, the price differs. It is mostly affected by the different design charges as well as by many other variables. For a quick answer, we have developed a software which calculates the price dependent on these parameters. To find out the price of a hall ONLINE, in only 3 steps, click HERE.
If you require assistance, call us on the following phone numbers or e-mail us.

Do I need building approval for the Itka Buildings metal hall?

The Itka Buildings metal hall is a permanent construction, built to last for an indefinite period of time. Therefore, you need building approval as well as all other approved documents required for a permanent construction.

Does Itka Buildings metal hall require a foundation?
Itka Buildings hall requires a foundation. The design of the foundation and of the superstructure is free of charge within the BBS (Best Building Solutions) pack to ensure avoidance of any upcoming issues.

Is photovoltaic panel mounting available?
Yes, it is. You should let us know from the quote stage if you require the photovoltaic panels. Thus, we will be able to make the design so that the structure supports the load and additional investment is avoided.

My business is growing. When space is insufficient, can I require extension of the hall?

Yes, you can. One of the main advantages of a metal hall is that it can easily be extended. If the land area permits, of course. If you foresee extension of the hall, it is advisable to let us know from the contract phase. We will be able to “optimize” the extension right at the design stage.

Is Itka Buildings metal hall resistant to heavy snow?
Yes, it is. The metal hall is designed to be resistant to heavy snow, wind, and earthquakes depending on the area where it is built. We take these challenges into account when we make your quote and we design the structure to face all challenges in accordance with the norms and standards in force.

What are your reference building works?
You can find out about our building works and their locations HERE. Below are some of our most representative ones:

Airbus Factory _ Town of Ghimbav - 8 900 m2 –Structure and sandwich panels assembly
Immofinanz Logistics_ Location:Mogosoaia I si II – 35 800 m2 – Secondary structure, sandwich panel joints, accessories.
Unikat Factory_Location:Intorsura Buzaului, 2000 m2- Design-build Pack (BBS Pack)
To arrange viewing one of our halls, please contact one of our Itka Buldings consultants.

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